Arts and Crafts Exhibit


This past weekend we had a booth exhibit at the county Arts and Crafts Festival. It was our first, a grand opening of sorts. I felt well prepared as far of having enough product because I worked really hard to get to that point. However, it was the little things that I worried about. Would the Square reader work? Would my mobile phone stay charged throughout the day? Would the portable charger hold a charge in case the mobile phone died? All-in-all, everything went well. The vendors to the left and right were very friendly and encouraging. And we can’t wait for our next event.

Things I wish I had taken:

An ice chest to keep the soy wax melts cool- the Georgia heat was brutal on the candles and wax melts. I moved the displays around as the sun made its way around the tent throughout the day

A portable generator- we looked for generators. They are pretty expensive. It’s a purchase I’ll save for later

A hair clip to pull my hair back- or a ball cap would have worked as well

Tent sidewalls-because we didn’t have the sidewalls we had to pack up all the product and take it home. This actually turned out to be a good thing because I needed to freshen everything up after the heat, and customers were touching and smelling so much of it. But for a two day event, it would have been nice to have the sidewalls