Essential Oils


Essential Oils are all the rage and I get excited when it comes to adding them to my soaps and other products. I went to my community bookstore to do some research and there were a plethora of books to help me understand the origin of essential oils, their scent profiles, therapeutic uses and so much more. Ultimately I chose a book titled “Essential Oils” by Publications International, Ltd. It is straightforward and easy to read and understand. As I cannot make any medical claims regarding essential oils and their potential benefits, I urge you to seek out your own resources and get a clear understanding before using any products with essential oils

Now that Fall has officially arrived, I made my first soap to kick off the season. It is a Spiced Apple Cider soap with a blend of clove and orange essential oils. It will be in the shop ready for purchase on November 9th. I love fresh apple cider and thought it would be good to incorporate into a batch of soap. For the sake of transparency, the first time I introduced sodium hydroxide to the cider, I experienced a volcanic eruption right in the middle of my soap studio. The problem was that I added the sodium hydroxide too fast. After twenty minutes of clean up I started over. This time I added the sodium hydroxide in small increments, letting it dissolve before adding more. It behaved beautifully. Lesson learned.

For the essential oils I wanted to use spices that I would usually add to apple cider. What came to mind was clove and cinnamon, but cinnamon can be irritating in the shower so I decided against it and chose orange EO instead. When adding essential oils to cold process soap the recommended usage amount is 1-ounce of EO for every pound of soap. For instance, in a five pound batch of soap I could potentially use 5-ounces of essential oil. However, with the clove EO I only used 1/2 an ounce blended with 1/2 ounce of orange. Clove is spicy and I want to add the fragrance without the heat.

So there you have it. A Spicy Apple Cider Soap for the bold and beautiful (or handsome.)